dr. Anna Zsámboki

dr. Anna Zsámboki

An attorney with a traditional legal outlook whose unflagging aim is to ensure the prevalence of the law, the observation of legal provisions and the development and application of innovative solutions within the limits of legality. As a lawyer she has always worked in attorney’s offices, making it her calling to perform lawyer’s tasks with an ever increasing degree of perfection. A perfectionist, who believes that continuous professional development is indispensable for the representation of clients, she often elevates her personal interests to a professional level; besides her qualification as a specialist in real estate trading, she has also successfully acquired an expert qualification in wine law.
Her thorough understanding of substantive and procedural law, her intensive practical experience in various legal fields and the wide spectrum of the activities of her clients have made her a confident expert with broad knowledge and open to the world, who won’t shrink from challenges, whether they be high-value, high-risk, or sensitive cases.
The market-based, proprietor’s approach she has developed during the representation of mainly business companies, financial institutions and state organizations provides her with a deeper insight in cases that require both financial-legal knowledge.
To date she has represented clients in an extremely high number of cases in many fields of the law; she is at home in the courtroom. Within the office she acts as professional lead, overseeing the work of articled clerks and coordinating the tasks of the associated attorneys.

Major fields of specialization:

  • representation in lawsuits (suits for nullity or indemnification, actions for the enforcement of financial and other claims, enforcement of bank guarantee claims, lawsuits related to foreign currency debtors, proceedings for the enforcement of FIDIC-based contractual claims before regular courts and courts of arbitration, labor law suits, lawsuits for the court review of public administrative rulings, lawsuits for the deletion of mortgage rights, lawsuits for the release of data of public interest, probate proceedings, enforcement of claims related to cultivated lands)
  • preparation and evaluation of contracts, preparation of documents (preparation, evaluation and approval of contracts of enterprise, contracts for services, sales contracts, usufruct, loan, assignment, mortgage agreements, contracts for the use of copyright and other classic and atypical legal contracts, preparation of the rules of marketing sweepstakes campaigns);
  • management of receivables (procedures related to warrants for payment, execution, bankruptcy/final adjustment, property claims settlement, execution, enforcement of claims before court, settlements)
  • law of real property

Further fields of specialization:

  • inheritance law
  • labor law (establishment and termination of employment, performance of obligations, exercise of rights, legal counselling, representation in lawsuits)
  • data protection, copyright, utilization of intangible assets
  • foundation, amendment and dissolution of business companies
  • preparation of legal expert opinions


2008 Szeged University of Sciences – Faculty of Law and Political Science
2010 Real estate expert lawyer training at the Graduate Law School of ELTE University
2011 Expert qualification in wine law organized by the University of Pécs and Bordeaux State University